Botanical Classification: artichoke

Family: Asteraceae

Genus and specie:
Cynara scolymus
Other names: Globe artichoke.

Description of the herb artichoke kruie-produkte-ageless-herbal-products

The leaves of the globe artichoke are long and spiny and the branched stem can reach up t1 m (3 ft) tall, which bears heads of violet-colored (sometimes white), thistle-like flowers at the ends of the branches.
Parts used
The fresh and dried leaves are used, while the flower heads are used in cooking.
It must be noted that the bitter substance cyanopicrin is found in the leaves, but not in the mature flower heads.
This herb is often used as a vegetable and has diuretic properties, while increasing blood circulation, regenerating liver tissue and stimulating the gall bladder. Artichoke is said treduce blood lipids, serum cholesterol, and blood sugar.

It contains numerous phenolic acids such as caffeic acid, monocaffeoylquinic acid derivatives (chlorogenic and neochlorogenic acid), dicaffeoylquinic acid derivatives (cynarin) as well as bitter sesquiterpene lactone, cynaropicrin, flavonoids (rutin and luteolin) and sesquiterpenes (caryophyllene and b-selinene)

Therapeutic uses: jaundice, hepatitis

Internal use: Artichoke helps to
increase circulation
stimulates the secretion of bile (cholagogue)
help treat hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis)
fight liver damage from alcohol abuse
treating jaundice and hepatitis
  • lowers cholesterol levels
  • remove excess water with its diuretic actions

Artichoke has a determinable hepatoprotective effect which is attributed tthe cynarin, chlorogenic and neochlorogenic acid found in the herb.
The cynarin is alsinvolved in lowering the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood.
The ingredient cyanopicrin on the other hand is a bitter and general tonic and is alsinvolved in improving the appetite and helping with digestion.
Eating artichoke as a vegetable has value in reducing the symptoms of a hiatus hernia.
Italians prepare the unopened flower heads as a vegetable, with parsley, breadcrumbs, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil - steamed first and then baked.

External use: None noted.
Aromatherapy and essential oil use: None noted.

Safety precautions and warnings diabetes: None noted.