A bruise is the result of a trauma  which causes the blood vessels to leak into the surrounding areas and turn the area red or purple.  After a few days the blood is reabsorbed by the surrounding tissues. This process causes the area to turn a blue and sometimes yellowish colour.

Bruises are not normally serious but they may be painful to touch and they occasionally result in swelling in the area. Some blood disorders affect the bloods ability to clot when it leaves a vessel. In these cases bruises may be larger than a bruise caused by the same trauma in a healthy individual. Arnica as tablets are recommended to help reduce the severity of the bruise, and rnica cream or arnica flower oil can be applied to the affected area. Cool Witch hazel water applied to the affected area is my personal favourite.

For those that bruise easily we would recommend vitamin C tablets with bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids appear to improve the integrity of the walls of blood vessels and help to decrease their fragility.

Consult your healthcare practitioner if your bruises have not healed within ten days.